Our Mission

We have been through it all. Divorce. Anxiety, addiction and depression. We waded our way out of our these struggles blindly and slowly. We built our toolkits with self development tools, self love and self care strategies, support from mental health professionals, guidance from energy healers and a TONNE of self work.

The struggle is real and we know it. The value of someone to walk with you side by side through these rough times, to show you how to move forward and guide you to clarity is exponential. You don't have to find your own way out. We've done it and we want to save you the leg work.

Not that working with us will be easy. It will however, be worth it. 

With our combined life experiences, passion for people and training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and TimeLine TherapyTM, we will help you transform your relationship with yourself and your partner (if you have one). 

This work is for you IF you're ready for positive change, if you're sick of the way things are or if you're scared of what will happen if you don't take action soon.


We work holistically, guiding you through NLP techniques, assigning you self care activities and asking you tough questions which will result in big breakthroughs for you and/or you and your partner. 

Look forward to getting started with you!

Our team

cindra banks

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and TimeLine Therapy Practitioner

Cindra's jam is self awareness. Through her own experiences with mental health challenges (eating disorder, anxiety and depression), sexual identity and divorce, she is able to relate to your struggles and support you in overcoming them. 

She'll get you seeing yourself and your life differently and may share yoga and meditation with you, as well as practical self care, self development resources and of course, NLP techniques to help you shift.

Cindra identifies as queer, loves to keep fit with CrossFit and adores the ocean, her partner in life and biz Luke (and bonus kids) as well as travelling this beautiful planet we call earth.

She cannot wait to meet you!

more on cindra...

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- Come to yoga with her if you're in Newcastle, NSW!

luke skewes

Certified NLP Practitioner and TimeLine Therapy Practitioner

Luke’s passion lies in helping people get unstuck, using his unique perspective and lessons of growth through life’s challenges.


Using his experiences with childhood/family trauma, career challenges, mental health issues (anxiety/depression), addiction, marriage, divorce, sexual identity and co-parenting, Luke can relate life’s challenges and help people thrive alongside their struggles. 


Luke has helped people in mental health, addiction and relationships for the past five years, plus done thousands of hours of personal development. He is eager to use proven relationship tools in communication, NLP techniques, mindfulness, meditation and divine love to bring you connection and growth.

He cannot wait to work with you!

more on luke...

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