The group program for women to re-connect with their intimacy and be empowered to bring this to their relationship!

It's time to reclaim your pleasure.

One of the biggest struggles we hear from you is that intimacy has been lost over the years of relating or that pleasure hasn't ever been a priority.  

AND that this is usually up to the more feminine person in relationships to address. So we want to give you the opportunity to do that. To come back to intimacy for yourself FIRST and then feel confident to bring your partner into that. 

So say YES to yourselves, yes to taking action and yes to a better way of being. This six week group online intensive will support you to create the intimate relationship you have been dreaming about...What are you waiting for?

Ignite Your Intimacy kicks off 25th Feb and you need to book a call with us to apply...

our program is for you if...

* You're experiencing a lack of pleasure in your relationship

* You still love your partner, but you lack a deep connection

* You're bored with the sex you are having (or maybe you are barely fucking right now)

* Your partner expresses sexual needs that you feel like you can't/don't want to fulfil

* You don't feel sexually confident with your partner

* You have become like flatmates instead of lovers

* You are willing to do the work and craving change

* You are ready to invest in yourself and put yourself FIRST

* You're unsatisfied with the way your relationship is now.

it doesn't have to be this way & it's not too late.

You can come back to intimacy. 

You can have an exciting future together.

You can have a deep connection with your partner again.

And in doing so, you can reclaim your pleasure and sexuality and become a better partner in the process.  

this is your right & you deserve it.

We have helped many busy women just like you, whose neglected intimate lives shadow all other parts of their lives.

This may be the "norm", but it doesn't have to be your story.

WEEKS 1 & 2:



Together, we will move through shame and blocks around pleasure that are so common for many women. You'll feel more empowered to reclaim your own pleasure, with practical practices and powerful shifts within our time together. 

weeks 3&4:



We will learn how to ask for what we want, confidently and compassionately! Often the hardest thing for women to do. We're going to explore non-sexual intimacy too and give you some life changing homework to bring to your relationship.

weeks 5&6:



You'll learn about the orgasm gap and your blocks to putting yourself first in the bedroom. We'll workshop how to bring a deeper connection to sex, try some simple tantra techniques and experience unforgettable transformation! This is where it all comes together. 


this is how you'll move through your six weeks with us...

We're Luke and Cindra & we're on a mission. 

We have both come from divorces previously (Luke has kids too) and we know how easy it is to put your intimacy on the back burner.

We see SO many couples struggling needlessly, because they believe they have to. They believe they don't deserve to be fulfilled in their relationships and that they have to suffer.

we want to support you & show you a new way.

We have both tried the traditional couples counselling route but didn't get what we needed. Instead, we worked our butts off to learn to accept and love again (starting with ourselves).Trying to fix your connection when you're in the shit can be near impossible. You need support in a safe space to make positive change!

simply trying to "work on it" isn't going to change anything and we're guessing you have probably tried that already.

What DOES work though, is support, direction and accountability.

Our one-on-one clients have made MASSIVE progress in our three month container, Relationship Rescue.

They report feeling more confident, more empowered and more ready than ever to love themselves (and their partners if they have one).

Enrolling in this group program will allow you to do the work with confidence and support, transforming your intimacy from 0 to 100 in six weeks. 

You deserve to have the relationship you desire, without the stress and struggle.



What this transformative group experience includes...


Group sessions online via Zoom. Times will be adjusted to suit the majority of group members and will be recorded. These are our interactive deep dive sessions within a safe and supportive environment so you can leave with clarity and confidence!



Teaching sessions online, run in the private FB group created for your group. You don't have to be live for these, but your interaction will go a long way!



For interaction, connection and any questions you have along the way. There will be homework for you to report in on, so you have accountability here too.



For clarification and guidance between sessions, just tag us in a post in our private FB group and we'll get back to you or PM for something more personal.

Our next round starts 25th February and we have a limit to the amount of couples we can have join us, so get in ASAP.


I learned how to speak my mind with confidence, stick to decisions I make and how to change my thinking to be more positive and be successful. I feel I am more confident now and can understand life from different aspects. I learnt so much about me and even things I didn't even realise about myself. Luke provided me with the right tools ad guidance to grow and find myself again. 

Tegan M - NSW, Australia

Working with Luke was a dream.  His calm demeanour and genuine friendliness made it so easy to open up to him and to go deep.  His ability to help me see different perspectives and shine light on my strengths was inspiring.

This is not magic though. It’s a commitment. To yourself.  It’s making yourself a priority above all of your “busy-ness” and doing the ACTUAL work.  But believe me,  it’s worth it .  You’re worth it and your future self will thank you for years to come.

Lauren Devine - NSW, Australia

Thank you so much for your lovely, caring energy, Cindra. I feel more optimistic in life just speaking with you. That's huge.


You meet me where I am, you provide very achievable, easy-to-do yet very poignant solutions. You come from a place of experience, and you are so warm and welcoming. Much needed during times like these. So approachable and affable. Caring, and kind. 


It's very comforting. Just that soft reassurance, backed up with concrete and helpful, deeply kind solutions, how fantastic. Thank you so much!! 

J.M - Bay Area, CA


this program is definitely for you, if:

* You're in a long term relationship and intimacy is missing

* You haven't had sex this month (or this year, you can't remember) and the whole concept has become a ticking time bomb

* You need to do something NOW or your relationship will be stuck like this forever

* You're excuses for not showing up to intimacy sound something like, "i'm just tired" and "we've been together for so long"

* You say things like "once the kids are grown up" or "once work isn't so busy" things will be different, but you know they won't change

* You're sick of being asked to give more (and can't even imagine how you could do this)

* You love your partner, but can't express your needs for fear of conflict

* You use your kids/job/friends and family drama as a distraction from your relationship issues (band-aid approach)

* You are ready to come back to pleasure aand appreciation for yourself and your partner

* You are committed to doing the work

* You understand that doing this program isn't a magic wand, that you have to show up and be present and you may get uncomfortable! The positives far outweigh the discomfort you may feel and you are okay with that, because if nothing changes, nothing changes

* You are ready to experience a whole new way of being, which will transfer into every area of your life

AND  last, but certainly not least...

* You're feeling a mix of excitement, nervousness and shame about even considering joining a group relationship program, which shows you HOW much you need this...

why wait?

Things aren't great. Your relationship is important to you and you want to make it work.

Trust us when we say, things aren't going to get better on their own. You have to take the first step in making this right. 

Book a free call with us to apply for the next round of Ignite Your Intimacy. Click HERE to find a time to chat with us, obligation free.  

In your call with us, we'll make sure you're a good fit for this program (and vice versa). You can also ask us any questions about the program on this short video call. This is a compulsory step to coming onboard with us, because we wanna meet you first and hear your story!


who our program is not for...

* Single humans - if this is you, contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

* Women not willing to get uncomfortable (growth doesn't come easy)

* You if you don't want to come back to intimacy and connection (you might be better suited to our Relationship Rescue program)

* Women who aren't prepared to do the activities we prescribe

* Women who aren't committed to positive change

* You, if you don't think you are part of the problem (we know it can be hard to accept, but a relationship takes two energies)

* Women who are not prepared to open their minds a little and be challenged (we'll support you through it, but you gotta show up).

PS -

YES we do work with:

* Couples (or thruples) of all types and non-binary folks - This program is specifically for humans who identify as women/fem.


If you are in a lesbian relationship, we can have both of you!


Humans are humans and we love them all. Cindra was married to a cis-female prior to meeting Luke.

ignite your intimacy with us in 2021

STEP ONE - Book your call with us to apply to enrol (it's free) 

STEP TWO - At the conclusion of the call, we will talk about payment (stated below) and get you into the FB group.


We kick off 25th February! Any questions, please email us ASAP.

Your investment is AUD $747


Six payments of AUD $125 

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