Are Your Neglecting Your Love Bubble?

Do you feel that the connection with your partner is getting lost in the chaos of life?

Maybe you don't feel that strong love for them anymore, or you don't feel fulfilled by your relationship right now?

Chances are, if you answered yes to any or all of these questions, that you aren't nurturing your love bubble!

The love bubble is that beautiful space that you are your partner/s share. It's love, it's presence, it's energy shared between you. It's that place that we really honour at the start of our relationships, when we are infatuated with each other.

Slowly, as time goes on, we neglect that space. We don't give it attention, we don't give each other attention. We get distracted, we get caught up, we get complacent. And before you know it, you can't feel that spark anymore, that energised feeling. You just feel a bit numb and maybe even taken advantage of.

I have definitely neglected love bubbles in past relationships, to the detriment of myself and my partners. You know how amazing it feels when you are connected and your love bubble is full. But you often get so distanced from that space that you have no idea how to climb back, how to blow that bubble back up. So you don't and just hope it gets better.

Well, without some love, attention and care, trust me, that bubble ain't blowing itself back up. If you leave it, it just floats further and further away from you, out of reach. And you start to drift too, further and further away from your partner, away from that love space.

If I was to tell you that you only need FIVE minutes per day to start building that bubble up, how would you feel? Maybe you don't believe me. But five minutes per day is all you need to start to repair the connection between yourself and your partner.

I don't mean five minutes cuddling on the lounge whilst both on your phones and simultaneously watching TV. Or five minutes holding hands whilst the kids run around the backyard climbing all over you and demanding your attention!

The five minutes has to be present, dedicated and quiet. No phones, no children, no TV. Not whilst eating dinner or driving. Both partners, focused and ready to connect.

Your five minutes could be meditating together. Holding hands and walking around the block. Staring into each other's eyes. Kissing. Hugging. Massaging each other's shoulders. Maybe even having an important conversation you have been putting off.

I want you to get creative and commit. Five minutes. Every damn day. No excuses. Everyone has five minutes.

If your partner is away for work or you don't live together/see them every day, then five minutes on video chat to really see each other, to show up and honour each other.

Start with five minutes and have the intention to expand that time once you both get comfortable and realise that it's achievable and helpful to your relationship.

Get accountable by putting it in your shared calender or diary or popping a reminder on the fridge. Set a time when you can do it each day so it doesn't get forgotten. And show the fuck up for yourself, and for your relationship!

If you are single, then guess what? You get to fill your own love bubble baby! And if you are in a relationship, you really need to be taking the time to do this too. Five minutes for you, five minutes for your relationship.

Let's see those love bubbles getting filled to the brim and watch your relationships expand with it!

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