What Is The "Work"?

by Cindra Banks

We talk about doing our work a LOT, especially if you have listened to our podcast. Our recent episode with Murray and Renee from The Open Mind Space got me thinking about how important doing our work really is.

If you aren't doing your work, you're probably feeling pretty lost and disconnected right now. Even if you're in a relationship.

You may have heard Luke and I talk about how we met and where doing our work played into this story. Truth be told, if we hadn't done our own work, we would never have met, or if we did, we wouldn't have connected and falling in love.

The same story played out for Murray and Renee, both of them underwent huge journeys of self discovery and acceptance, solidly committing to their work before meeting and falling in love, getting married and starting their business together.

The "work" is never done either, might I add. It's a constant act of self awareness. Tuning into your own energy, giving yourself what you need, challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and prioritising self care.

If you aren't in a relationship but want to be, I would recommend diving into your work. Head first. Commit to yourself like you would commit to someone else in the future.

If you are in a relationship, it's a little harder to make space for your work, but vital to maintain for a healthy, successful relationship.

The "work" is going to be different for everyone. For me, it's staying present. It's using the tools I have learnt over the years to examine my reactions as they come up and decide if these are serving me (usually not). It's adjusting my behaviour, looking at old patterns and beliefs that may resurface and taking action to addressing these. A lot of mind management!

Physically, it looks like daily movement, spending time in nature, ocean swims, meditation and breath work throughout the day. Eating well, drinking well and managing my anxiety.

My work has changed over the years. I had a huge self worth journey, which I will address in a seperate post, so I combine everything I have learnt over the years into my practice. Some days it's super messy. Some days it's fabulous. Some days I don't do it and I suffer because of it.

Some days you're in the shit and you can't see out of it, this is where the work is! And just because you do the work, doesn't mean you get to skip these shit times either.

It does mean however, that you are able to navigate the shit times better. You are well equipped to deal with whatever comes up. Doing the work means you are prepared. It's like doing study for a test. You learn and you grow and then you apply what you know in an unknown situation (life).

Trust me, doing your work is essential if you want to move forward in this life. And who doesn't really?

If you need support to begin doing your work, do reach our and book a free chat with us! We would love to help you get started and take action today.

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