It’s time to reclaim your pleasure. 


Pleasure is our birthright, but so many of us deny ourselves this every day. We believe we are not worthy, we are not good enough and we feel guilty when we do receive it. It is to be celebrated and loved and embraced but in society, especially for women, it has become shamed and hidden and denied.


Are you ready to end this struggle?
To claim what is rightfully yours?
Open up to feeling and being in your body again?


Come home with us and allow yourself to be empowered to bring pleasure back into your life. And what a perfect time to celebrate yourself, after the year that has been and prior to the holidays kicking in!


We are calling you, beautiful woman, to join us for 12 Days Of Pleasure. We are giving you permission to find that connection to yourself again, to claim your worth and to be educated and supported to explore pleasure in a safe space with us. 


This journey will be held in a divine container of conscious women like you on Facebook, with twelve practice videos from us sharing pleasure practices and prompts for you to dive into PLUS an intro and closing video.


We’ll also be sharing bonus content, recommendations for extra learning and tools that we use for our own personal pleasure practices. AND dropping in once a month with an opportunity to join us on Zoom. You get LIFETIME access to this group and the content!


Once you have paid, we will email you a link to join our private Facebook group, where you can begin your journey at your own pace. 


Thanks for saying YES to your pleasure. 

12 Days Of Pleasure - Online Guided Course