Free The Feminine and Unmasking The Masculine is a two part virtual workshop series presented by Cindra and Luke.  A link to the workshop videos will be sent apon purchase, you will be invited to view the videos in your own time via dropbox.




- Cindra will be taking us on a journey to understand and embrace the dynamics of feminine energy!


We often dilute our feminine energy from being told we are too much, too dramatic and too emotional. We distrust our intuition and disconnect from our bodies because society has taught us to do this, to fit in.


We subconsciously choose to be masculine to avoid these labels and forge a path of least resistance, which actually comes back to kick us in the butt. It leaves us feeling resentful and exhausted and disconnected being in our masculine energy all the time. Can you relate to this?


This virtual workshop will allow you to come back to your body, fall in love with your guiding energy and empower yourself to use that in your life and relationships. Through meditation, movement and guidance you'll integrate the learnings that will benefit our relationships.


Just FYI - masculine and feminine don't necessarily indicate gender, everyone has both within them and we need to balance these energies no matter how you identify. If you don't resonate with these wordings, you can use yang for masculine and yin for feminine. And this workshop is for anybody who identifies as female or has a vulva.





Luke will be taking us on a journey to understand and embrace the 4 archetypes of the masculine energy and the difference between the healthy and unhealthy masculine.




So many of us spend so much time in our masculine energy without any understanding of it, trying to control it or in actual fear of it. So much conflict occurs in relationships when the masculine energy is at play without being understood. Time to unmask and get to know ourselves and our partners from the inside out.

This will be a super potent 1 hour virtual workshop of which the learnings can benefit our relationships.


Please embrace this investment in your relationship with yourself and your partner and send us any feedbacks or breakthroughs you have.