Cindra and Luke present this 3 part virtual workshop. A link to the workshop videos will be sent apon purchase, you will be invited to view the videos in your own time via dropbox.


This is the reset you have been waiting for. We have heard from our community that the top three biggest struggles right now in relationships are:


1. Communication

2. Connection

3. Intimacy.


Stop feeling disappointed, frustrated and unfulfilled in your relationships. Reset your relationship with us in this FREE three day training.

Finally, the things that aren't working will be explained and addressed, so you feel empowered to continue in your relationship with more love, compassion and understanding!



* The communication with your partner is shit

* You don't feel connected within your relationship anymore

* You lack intimacy with your partner and you're definitely not getting your needs met in this way

* You have kids and feel you have lost your relationship in becoming parents, "the kids come first"

* You are worried your relationship may not survive

* You have no idea how to make your relationship better, even though you are yearning deeply for it to be so.



* Clarity on communicating effectively (ie so your partner gets it and you speak your truth)

* Learn how to navigate triggers and conflict more easily and effortlessly

* Refined and refreshed connection with your partner

* Intimacy comeback! Confidence to speak your desires and explain your boundaries too

* Learnings and real life experiences shared from us

* Freedom from past patterning and conditioning about the way a relationship should be

* Guidance to live consciously within your relationship.

* Learning how to prioritise your relationship with kids

* Bring passion back into a stale long term relationship

* Move forward together, with mutual understanding!


If this brings anything up for you or you have some breakthroughs please contact us, we would love to hear from you.