We are working with couples on intimacy more and more. To have stronger intimacy, we also need better communication and deeper connection. We found sex/relationship education growing up failed us and we are on a mission to support people to have more intimate relationships!
We like to start with communication, as it is by far the thing we find couples and singles struggle with most. We aren't educated on communicating for relationships growing up, other than seeing how our parents relate (which in most cases isn't a great example). 


Our intention is to offer this free workshop on communication to connection to give value to the community we live in. We want to help raise the quality of relationships in Newcastle and let people know there is support available if they need it!

We plan to cover the below topics, plus work in anything the group on the day desires support with:


- Communicating to connect

- Conflict resolution

- Expressing needs and desires

- Boundaries and Standards.


The workshop section will go for about an hour, with time for questions and group chat at the end. We'll supply a couple of drinks to make it a fun afternoon!


Please reserve your spot so we know how many people are coming, and let us know if you have any questions - Reach us at hello@conscious-couples.com or send us a DM @consciouscouplescoaching 


This event is being held at The Movement Collective - 31B Crescent Road, Waratah at 3pm. RSVP necessary. All welcome, you don't have to be a member of TMC.

Communicate To Connect - TMC