12 Weeks for couples to come back to intimacy and unleash their pleasure together. 

We're serious about sex. And you should be too. 


Intimacy isn't just a tiny bit of your relationship that can be ignored. It's really a make or break. Relationships without intimacy build resentment, resistance and ultimately, they become live in friendships. 

You can have a sustainable and a successful, sex-filled relationship. You can have your pleasure and your play too. 


You can have the relationship you always wanted, you just need to take the first step to move forward...


We're here for you. 


  • You're disconnected from your body and your pleasure (and maybe your partner's body and pleasure also)

  • You aren't having sex or it's very rare

  • You don't feel as attracted to your partner as you once did

  • You don't have a physical connection

  • You live like housemates

  • You resent where you are intimately

  • You have said to yourself, "is this it?" more than once

  • You're busy AF, with work or kids or both.

THIS IS YOUR bridge back to intimacy!

This is your opportunity to spice up your sex life, without needing to learn the Karma Sutra. To come back to intimacy.

To repair the damage that has been done over the years you have been together, all of the resentment and the rebuffs. 

To lean in and learn from the experiences you have had together. 

To come back to deep connection, first for yourself, then for each other. 

We have been exactly where you are now.

And we wish we had something like this to guide us, support us and show us a different, more conscious way of navigating the challenges in our relationships and intimacy.


We have helped many busy and successful humans like you, whose neglected intimacy and pleasure shadowed all other parts of their lives.

intimacy is important!

Ready to enrol?

Month 1:

self pleasure & intimacy stories

Working one-on-one with you, we'll introduce you to our signature system, the three Ms, self care practices and TimeLine Therapy to clear negative emotions from the past. 

Month 2:
communication, needs,
desires & blocks

Working one-on-one with you, we'll teach you powerful relationship tools and strategies to enable you to stay connected and create conscious intimacy, plus bring in the big gun - communication.

Month 3:
intimacy together - look forward to the future

Working together with you as a couple, we're bringing you back together in this month. Introducing the Love Bubble, intimacy prompts and supporting you to take Turn On into your future.

this is how you'll move through your turn on program...

We're Luke and Cindra,
your turn on guides. 

We're sexually fluid divorcees who fell into conscious love and made it our mission to support like-minded humans to supercharge their intimate relationships...

We know what it feels like to feel unseen and unsexy.

To feel like you just can't connect in the bedroom. 

To think, "what's the point" of trying, even when you still love your partner.

To be resentful of your partner, and yourself, for letting things get to this.

To be under-appreciated and under-fucked. 

We went it alone and struggled.  

We did the traditional couples counselling route but didn't get what we needed. We worked our butts off to learn to accept and love again. We read books and listened to podcasts and practiced anything and everything to accept ourselves and expand our intimacy. 

Trying to fix your intimacy when you're in the shit can be near impossible.

Loving someone is not enough, wanting it to be different doesn't work. 

Trying to make things better is not enough. 

If you truly want to make intimacy magic, to get closer with yourself and your partner, to expand your pleasure and to change your damn life, you gotta take radical action. 

You CAN move forward in your relationship and finally understand yourself and your partner.

You CAN feel comfortable speaking your truth and experiencing pleasure again. 

You CAN create a sexy and sustainable future together!

Enrolling in our Turn On program empowers you to understand yourself and your partner on a more conscious, connected level.

You deserve to have the relationship you desire, both with yourself and with others. 

What You Get


1-0n-1 Sessions with Luke and Cindra, separately

The first month will be focused on YOU, bringing you back to yourself, lea self pleasure and practicing self acceptance. This will be with either Luke or Cindra.

The second month, we will be workshopping tools and strategies on the big 4 - Triggers, Boundaries, Communication and Love Languages. This is where we generally swap coaches, so you get a chance to connect with us both!

Tools we may use:
- Intuitive Meditation
- Guided Visualisation
- Yoga
- Journalling Prompts
- NLP & TimeLine Therapy
- Reiki
- Traditional Coaching 

- Other woo woo stuff (but hey, if you don't resonate, then we won't bring it).

Our program is individualised to meet your needs! 


2-on-2 Sessions with both Luke and Cindra

These sessions are going to be BIG, we are going to workshop your relationship together. 

Our first session will be focused on reconnecting you both and reflecting on what came up in your solo coaching sessions. 

From there, we'll be bringing in intimacy and helping you come back to love together, helping you to map out your future. 

Tools we may use:
- Meditation & Visualisation
- Role Play
- Partner Yoga
- Intimacy Prompts
- Relaxation Techniques
- Intention & Goal Setting
- Basic Tantra

The tools we use will vary from couple to couple - our program is tailored to your needs and your relationship and meets you where you are at - which is the beauty of what we do!


Unlimited text support between sessions, generally our clients reach out over FB Messenger and we respond in business hours. 
You can reach out anytime and ask any questions or gain clarity on something that has popped up for you. 

If you need support with your take home activities, if you need recommendations for resources or if you simply need a friendly contact to vent to, we're here for you via email at any point during our three month journey together. 

Asking for help is key to getting unstuck.

Lots of big energy shifts can happen between sessions and it's great to have support through these. 

Either way we are going to squash your limiting beliefs to find your strengths. The reasons why you won't are the same reasons you will!


For completion between sessions, we like to call it play work!
To help you integrate and practice the learnings, both together and separately

Everything we recommend for you will be practical and achievable, as well as catered to your individual situation. 

Every relationship is unique and so is every human, so your activities may be:

- Self Care Tasks

- Self Pleasure Practices
- Movement
- Reading
- Practising Conversations 
- Journalling
- Listening to Podcasts
- Non-Sexual Intimacy With/Without Your Partner 

and so on!

We'll ensure that your playwork is suitable for your time constraints, however this is all for your integration and for the greater good of you and your relationship.


Before the program, we weren't communicating very well. I wasn't making my partner feel safe and he wasn't doing the same and we didn't know why that was. Luke and Cindra equip you as individuals, enlighten, educate and empower you as individuals. It didn't matter what the future of our relationship held, I had a trajectory and I was learning how to show up in my relationship. Overall, sometimes the change was so subtle, other times it was like a sledgehammer. They both have different strengths and that was just phenomenal. 

I recommend the program, it's an investment in your relationship, your relationship is so worth it, I am so happy! Thankyou to Luke and Cindra, we love you!

F. Morris  - NSW, Australia

Cindra and Luke they provided every resource we needed to be able to cover our what ifs. I could not imagine having even tried to do this on my own, I would have driven myself mad had I tried to give myself the same help that Cindra and Luke did, they had it all there for us.

Cindra and Luke had exactly what we needed to allow us to fix our own shit, they got it, they spoke to me."

Sarah Callaghan - NSW, Australia

turn on is definitely for you if:

  • You haven't had sex this month (or last month, or the one before, I can't remember)

  • You have tried hard to spice things up, to no results

  • You're excuses for not showing up fully to your relationship and your intimacy sound something like, "i'm just tired" and "we've been together for so many years"

  • You say things like "once the kids are grown up" or "when we finish our renos" things will be different, but you know they won't

  • You're tired of the same three moves in the bedroom, maybe you're even bored and porn just isn't cutting it (neither is that old vibrator)

  • You have built up resentment around intimacy, as well as stories/negative beliefs/behaviour patterns that aren't serving you

  • You are sick of the way things are and can't see them getting better

  • You love your partner and want to make this work

  • You are ready to take massive action to come back to intimacy, to prioritise your relationship, to your partner and to yourself

  • You are committed to working on yourself (because if you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anyone else - Ru Paul)

  • You are ready to learn a new way of being in your relationships, that will positively change your whole life

  • You understand that doing this doesn't necessarily mean it's going to "fix" everything AND you're willing to show up and give it your all

What are you waiting for?

Having shitty intimacy impacts everything in your life. Imagine flipping that on it's head, everything being inspired and TURNED ON from you investing in your intimacy.

Book a free enrolment call with us to apply for our Turn On three month couples program. Click HERE to find a time to chat with us, obligation free. 

We'll talk about your relationship, your goals and your readiness for the program. You get to air your challenges and struggles and leave with clear direction and purpose.  You can also ask us any questions about the program on this thirty minute call.


  • You're not in a relationship

  • You're not willing to get uncomfortable (growth doesn't come easy)

  • You don't actually want to expand your intimacy and shift your relationship

  • You aren't prepared to do the activities we prescribe

  • You aren't committed to positive change

  • You don't think you are part of the problem (we know it can be hard to accept, but a relationship takes two energies)

  • You are not prepared to open your mind a little and be challenged (we'll support you through it, but you gotta show up)

  • You aren't ready to have some FUN! We like to laugh and be real with you too, whilst we're serious about what we do, we don't take life too seriously!

P.S. -
YES, we do
work with:

  • Couples of all types/genders (or non-binary) and sexualities. Humans are humans and we love them all. Cindra was married to a cis-female prior to meeting Luke. We are in a non-monogamous relationship. 

  • One person out of the relationship, if their partner is unwilling to take part. We can still work some magic for you without your bae - Please contact us directly for a reduced investment. 

ENROL IN our turn on

STEP ONE - is to book a free call with us to enrol.

STEP TWO - once you have enrolled and been accepted, we'll schedule our first sessions.


So you could be on the road to a better relationship THIS WEEK!

All sessions are done online via Zoom (or FaceTime).

You investment is AUD $4,999


AUD $425 per week for 12 weeks on a payment plan.