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want to

save your relation


Have more sex



with your partner?

We can help. 

how we help...

Love isn't easy. Relationships can be challenging AF and navigating other people plus your own emotions and triggers is HARD work!

If you're ready to transform your relationship, to find clarity in your situation and to move forward with confidence and connection, we're here to support you.

Our coaching is no BS. We have both been through divorces and mental health challenges, so we KNOW that finding your feet takes work. And you can't do it alone. 

We use a lethal combo of NLP and TimeLine Therapy plus meditation, visualisation, yoga and self care practices, as well as our lived experiences to help you reinvent yourself, and your relationships. 

If you're ALL in, then let's get to work!

meet the team

cindra banks

Coach, podcaster, writer and lover of life!

Cindra thrives on helping people fall in love with themselves and showing them how to put their self care first. She is a qualified yoga teacher, holistic health coach, NLP and TimeLine Therapy practitioner.

Cindra offers one-on-one self awareness coaching, conscious women's circle, as well as couples coaching together with Luke. Follow on Insta @cindrabanks for more on her!

luke skewes

Coach, podcaster, speaker and human lover!

Luke is driven to help people navigate life challenges and come out stronger and more connected to themselves. He is a qualified NLP and TimeLine Therapy practitioner, with experience in addiction recovery.

Luke offers one-on-one recovery coaching, as well as couples coaching together with Cindra. Follow on Insta @lukeskewes for more on him!

what we offer

Our three month transformational program Relationship Rescue WILL change your life, if you are ready.

* You're at breaking point in your relationship

* You aren't having sex

* You don't feel as attracted to your partner as you once did

* You live like housemates

* You are in constant conflict

* You're busy AF, with work or kids or both,

The Relationship Rescue program is your LOVE LIFELINE. 

This is your opportunity to potentially save your relationship. To save yourself and repair the damage that has been done over the years you have been together.


To lean in and learn from the experiences you have had together. To come back to love, first for yourself, then for each other. 

We have been exactly where you are now.

And we wish we had something like this to guide us, support us and show us a different, more conscious way of navigating the challenges in our relationships.

We offer THE transformational program for couples that want to stay together. Don't wait until it's too late. Invest NOW in your relationship and your future. 


You can have a sustainable and a successful, sex-filled relationship. You can have the relationship you always wanted, you just need to take the first step to move forward.


" Luke helped me uncover my “shit” and provided tools to help shift it.  We laughed a lot, I cried a little and worked hard to put these new learnings and skills into practice.  As a result, I truly feel more confident in myself and ability to cope with life's curveballs, I have a sense of clarity about who I am and who I’m growing into, my relationship is in this delicious, loved-fuelled flow-state and I've healed some of the old relationship wounds."

lauren d